Something to Think About Something to Ponder a song by Bob Clark

A Sappy Load of Shit

We got tall buildings but shorter tempers, 

Wide Freeways,  narrow viewpoints. 

We spend more money, but got less real things

We got bigger houses but have smaller families, 

More conveniences, but less time with them

We have more degrees but less common senses

Got more knowledge, but less judgment

We think we’re experts, yet have more problems

Take more drugs, but feel more badness. 

We spend too reckless, laugh too little, 

Drive too fast, let anger control us

Stay up too late, get up too tired, 

Read too little, watch to much TV, 

We don’t listen but talk too easy

Make a good living, but not a good life. 

We’ve added more years  then we die to crabby. 

Been to the moon and back, conquered outer space 

We’ve done large things, but have so little peace. 

We’ve cleaned up the air,  but polluted our minds. 

We’ve conquered the atom, but forget to be kind

We plan more, accomplish less, always in a rush,

Can’t even wait for just one late bus

Build more computers to hold more stuff

Always complaining that we don’t have enough

Steep profits but shallow relationships. 

We worry more   but pray much less

Two incomes  but more break ups

Can’t understand I think I need to give up

These are days of quick trips, and fornicate

Lay lady lay  and throwaway babies 

We need a solution  we need a  answer

Someone told me I’d find it in scripture

Spend some time with the ones you love

Say a kind word    give a warm hug

Do a kind thing for someone in need

Say, ‘I love you’ and do a kind deed

Life isn’t measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

" The doors are fantastic. Thanks! I am so pleased. You can see the veins in the leave designs. This door has received compliments from our framer and plasterer who see many door designs. We will enjoy it so much!" -Alison M.