Memories of Momma

I found some letters in a box with memories of my mom

In the letters she describes her joy of mothering

At the time she lived in one room behind the church

Where Byron had his giggles and Ruthie had her curls

The weather cold and lots of snow up in Fort St John

Daddy teaching school a hundred miles from our home

My sister was the oldest and she wrote these stories down

The times she had with momma 

I’ll sing them to you now

One day while driving in the car  we got stuck in the mud

We all got out and had to walk a mile through the muck

At home all warm and dry she made hot milk with toast

It was our favorite treat to eat we all loved it the most

One day she started singing when she saw Robert and Lloyd

Their faces in the window watching her hang the clothes outside

How much is the doggie in the window she would sing

The feeling I remember and the warmth that it would bring

I got a new bicycle when, we lived in  Prince George

Her laughter was contagious as she rode it round the yard

She always made me feel good even when I’d cry

She had a way of kissing make the pain just go away 

When I was a little girl I would waken in the night

I saw my momma praying radiant in the candle light

With tears on her face her hands open in the air

Singing sweet to Jesus kneeling at the kitchen chair

She often sang at church I’d have a stirring in my soul

She prayed the Lord would heal her but was content to go

She beckoned me come near her just before she died

Jesus loves you Ruthie she said 

I was standing by her side

I memorized the Lord’s prayer sitting on my mothers knee

Our father in heaven hallowed be your name

Her voice so gentle I recall the radiance on her face

Now singing sweet to Jesus with all of heavens saints

" The doors are fantastic. Thanks! I am so pleased. You can see the veins in the leave designs. This door has received compliments from our framer and plasterer who see many door designs. We will enjoy it so much!" -Alison M.