“Loving You” – a song for Greg and Sheila

I’m sinking  falling
Almost to my knees
I am shaking I’m hurting
Tears run down my face
I am missing you right now again
It’s not an easy time
It hurts so bad I’m crying
Can’t say I’m doing fine

You’ve been here in my life just 20 years or so
You brought me so much joy 
Would never let it go
You lifted me so high
Our hearts would touch the sky
You’d bring me down real slow
We’d snuggle here so close
All those blissful days my memory is full
The sea, the sky, the land the world
Your joy in it exposed
Tomorrow you had plans and me too
Marriage Love and home
Why was I allowed to have you 
Then to see you go

Now sweet baby you’re flying
I can see you climb
Now my child your sailing
Free from earthly pine
My precious girl your home now
Can almost hear you sing
All your dreams are real now
Living with the king

The wind is crying to me 
The clouds are streaming on
The crowded stars are blinking winking
I’m trying to understand. 
The sun would make me see it 
If it shines a million times. 
When children ask me to do it
I Do it one more time

The sun will rise tomorrow and 
The stars will understand 
And I will rise tomorrow 
Just as daisy’s are all twins.
And God will shine upon us
While he holds us in his hand.
And I will grow much older but
Loving you will  never end

" The doors are fantastic. Thanks! I am so pleased. You can see the veins in the leave designs. This door has received compliments from our framer and plasterer who see many door designs. We will enjoy it so much!" -Alison M.