Best Friend I Ever Had a song by Bob Clark

My Dad, Elmer George Clark in the garden

Best Friend I Ever Had

He spoke in a soft and quiet voice

And then he’d listened for a while

I’d want to hear his gentle words

I’d want to feel his tender smile

Folks around town  called him Mr.

He would greet everyone with a big “hello” 

Then he’d asked  “how you doing”

They would feel compelled to tell him so

He was a simple kind of man

He’d reach out take my  hand

He’d lead me straight to Jesus

He was, 

Best Friend I Ever Had

I could tell him all my problems

His eyes would smile when he bent down

He would always stop what he was doing

I  knew he’d understand

He had a garden out back home

On knees I’d see him pulling weeds

Then he’d take a bag of produce

He’d always find someone in need

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