“Am I a Fool” a song by Bob Clark

I saw you coming down the road away

Your clothes askew and it’s the middle of the day

Your body language says that you don’t care

If I was waiting here or anywhere

Am I a fool Am I a fool 

To think that you’ll be true

Think I’m a loser well think again

If there’s a loser then count me in

Feels like I suffer from an actual wound

The hurt gets deeper every time you move

Am I a fool Am I a fool 

Cause I’m still wanting you

I loved you more than once I got to say

It’s killing me each time that you don’t stay

Can’t get you off my mind I’m not sleeping

Got to admit you’re driving me insane

Am I a fool Am I a fool 

I’m still loving with you

Am I a fool Am I a fool 

Am I a fool Am I a fool

Ah hell I still love you

" The doors are fantastic. Thanks! I am so pleased. You can see the veins in the leave designs. This door has received compliments from our framer and plasterer who see many door designs. We will enjoy it so much!" -Alison M.